You Can Buy GZ-HK Train Ticket Online & Pick up at Train Station

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Taking a bus to HK wastes too much time on the road, high-speed train to Shenzhen is always too crowded and inconvenient to pass transits.

Good News! Starting from September 1st, travelers taking Guangzhou-Kowloon train will be able to buy both single-trip or round-trip tickets online and pick up at the Guangzhou East Railway, according to officials with MTR Corporation Limited.

How to Buy on Phone?

  • Download the "Intercity Through Train" both iOS and Android systems are available.

  • See the photo below, click into Ticketing then choose your Departure Date, Departure Station, and Arrival Station.

  • Go next to choose the Departure Time and Class.

  • Go next to confirm the payment, you can either choose to pay or buy the round-trip ticket here. After agreeing to the payment terms, fill your email address, China mainland or HK phone number to confirm the payment.

  • Pick the payment method, you can choose pay by VISA, MasterCard, UnionPay etc. Submit your payment form then you make the deal.

Where to Pick up The Ticket?


By showing the bank card used for buying tickets to the staff, both single-trip and round-trip tickets bought online can be picked up at the information desk on the first floor of the Guangzhou East Railway Station. 


Reminder: When using the app to buy tickets, you can book the tickets at most 30 days and at least six hours prior to departure and pick up the tickets no later than 20 minutes before the train leaves.

Inconvenient to buy GZ-HK Train Tickets Now


Currently, there are two major options to buy GZ-HK train tickets, but both are very inconvenient for travelers departing from Guangzhou.


1. Buying at the ticket office of Guangzhou East Railway Station or at Hong Kong's Hung Hom Station. 


2. The other option is to buy on the app or website of the Guangzhou-Kowloon Through Train, but the tickets can only be picked up in Hong Kong.

For the first option, travelers have to arrive at the ticket office much earlier than the departure time of the train, spending time queueing up to buy tickets. GZ-HK train tickets are always in a great demand, you never know how many tickets left for the coming train. Also, trains run very limited trips every day, it takes a long time to wait for the next once missing the previous one. 


As it becomes easier to buy the ticket online and get it at departure station, travelers save more time on the road, pass crowded transits and the customs!

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