2017 Internet Trends! Large Internet Market in China!

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Mary Meeker, the "Queen of the Internet", recently published the latest 2017 annual Internet trends. In the 356 pages of the report, the Chinese Internet and the Indian Internet report occupy a significant position, we can see the importance of these two markets. Here WellTreasure summarizes some important information about China's Internet market for you.

China 's macro economic situation is steady and good
1.Since the second half of 2016, China 's consumer confidence index and manufacturing index continue to improve;

2.China's service sector rose to 52% of GDP;

3.Private enterprises play an increasingly important role in wealth creation, economic development and employment growth.

China's mobile Internet users broke the number of 700 million, daily time spent over 2.5 billion hours.


In online entertainment, in 2016, the Internet accounted for 55% of the Chinese media users time, mobile Internet uses more than TV.

In on-demand transportation trip, China has been leading the world and becoming the largest sharing of the car and bicycle market.

China's mobile payment market, the rapid development of small transactions below 100 yuan accounted for rapid growth, and gradually replace the cash.

The penetration rate of China's B2C  E-Commerce in the major markets of the world is the fastest growing, and accounting for 15% of the total social retail sales.

China's online advertising revenue reached 40 billion dollars, an increase of 30%.

So Chinese Internet enters into the golden age of online entertainment and on-demand transportation trip!

China's Internet market is full of business opportunities, please quickly seize this opportunity!

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