Successful Brand Marketing depends on Successful Advertising

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An enterprise which wants to make the best advertising is not just to find a famous advertising company and spent much money on fancy packaging but to successfully catch consumers’ mind. Therefore, a successful brand marketing is often an important means for an enterprise to start advertising for its own brand.

So what is brand marketing?

And WellTreasure takes you to understand the relevant knowledge.

Brand, as a company defines the brand: "Brand is the consumer in all brand touch points (shops, television, magazines, networks, employees, etc.) that produced a sum of experience." And marketing is a strategy to make a brand, that the enterprise uses consumer brand needs, creates brand value, and ultimately build up the strategy of  the formation of brand marketing.

There is no doubt that a good brand can bring profits, added value, but bad brands can damage sales, and even the corporate image.

For example, the "Hey tea", a hit tea business, there has always been long queues waiting for two hours only to buy a cup of tea. The brand hitting promptly, some people follow the trend, and some question it, and even some people pointed out Hey tea is "hunger marketing." From my perspective, regardless of whether Hey tea is "hunger marketing", what we can see is that it really marked the " hunger marketing " label, and successfully achieved its brand benefits.

So, a successful brand marketing can do the most successful advertising for the business.

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